Mosaic Monday: Spring in Town

Tampere, my home town, is the 3rd largest ’city’ in Finland with approximately over

200 000 citizens.

Mosaic Monday is hosted by Mary in Little Red House. Please, visit her blog and enjoy all the other kollages from this week, too!



  1. How nice to see your town 🙂

  2. Fint collage! Håller med, intressant att se litet från din stad! Vackra påskliljor oxå.

  3. pam

    I was in Finland in the late 1970’s…so beautiful.

  4. Oh, I like it too!!
    Happy Mosaic-Monday..Luna

  5. Valerie

    Thanks for showing us where you live. Very nice. Valerie

  6. What a beautiful town. ♥

    I’m visiting for Mosaic Monday. Please drop by when you have a free moment. ♥

    Have a wonderful day…

    Stephanie ♥


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