Mosaic Monday – Frozen

Took these photos today. It’s -13°C  (9°F) in here 😉

Mary in Little Red House is hosting Mosaic Monday. Drop over and enjoy all the other mosaics. I want to show you one photo from that mosaic as ’extra bonus’, because I think it’s so beautiful. The lake was steaming while freezing.



  1. Hi!
    Awesome Shots!! I’ll agree the one of the lake is beautiful! Have a great day and stay warm!!

    A View of My Life

  2. Ugh! Yäk!

    Komeeta se kyllä näyttää olevan, etenkin tuo aurinkon pilkahdus.

  3. Is it really that cold over there? I don´t have more than -3° over here in Sweden. Nice mosaic, even if the first picture makes my freeze.

    My mosaic

    • Yes it is and many parts of Finland there is now -20°C or even more! The weather changed like in one day. It has been like 0°C or plus many many weeks. Light snow cover, hope it’ll last till Christmas .

  4. Kaunista! Tuo haukku sopii tuohon kohtaan upeasti kokoamaan koko kuvan. Täällä -15 tänään. Taitaa tulla talvi. Kestäisi nyt sitten jouluun saakka, kun alkoi uhoilla jo nyt.

  5. These are gorgeous! I love the misty trees and the icy dog is so sweet.

  6. Hi Krisu,
    Yes, it is gorgeous !
    I was wondering what is your language ? where are your living ? Finland ?
    Have a nice week and thank you for stopping by Art Glehen

  7. Uuna

    Mosaiikissa on tosi kauniita kuvia, mutta bonus kannatti laittaa, sillä se on yliveto, wau!

  8. Awesome photo of the lake steaming. what a neat capture. Your mosaic is beautiful too and your dog is a cutie.

  9. ldh

    Love your mosaic ~ especially the handsome dog! So nice stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, ldh


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