Today’s Flowers / Päivän kukka 10

I just love these little chrysanthemums in autumn, don’t you? /Krysanteemit ruukuissa jatkavat lyhyttä kukkakautta Suomessa. Ja mitkä värivalikoimat niissä on!




To see more wonderful flowershots from all over the world please click the icon. /Klikkaamalla kuvaketta pääset katsomaan kukkakuvia ympäri maailman.



  1. great photo they are popular flowers on this edition of Today’s Flower.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Ellen

    Beautiful. I do enjoy seeing a pot full of these!

  3. They’re beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of mums out in full bloom around here.

  4. They look wonderful in this big blue pot.

  5. Belas flores!
    Colorido maravilhoso!
    Grande abraço. lili

  6. Lovely color!
    I like the first one with the sky in the background – nice composition.

  7. They surely look so grand being together like that! I love the different colors of the petals in each!

    My flowers are here. Happy Weekend!

  8. Krisu: What a beautiful color for your mums, similar to what are on my porch.

  9. Yen

    Those are beautiful flowers! Lovely shot too!~
    Mine is posted HERE. Happy TF~

  10. Adorable combination of pink and blue.

  11. Great photos! Have a nice week!

  12. Paz

    Wow! Wonderful flower shots! Just wonderful.


  13. Hi, the chrysanthemums are abundant and wonderful, like the color. Excellent contribution, thank you for sharing so much beauty.
    hugs, Denise & Santilli

  14. How wonderful a very pretty flower and I do like your pretty blue plant pot. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Marvelous flowerpot with wonderful flowers!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and posted in Today’s Flowers.


  16. Wow a beautiful display!!!

  17. wow! you have a very beautiful mums too…

  18. Kylläpä onkin kauniin värinen krysanteemi ja hyvät kuvat siitä:)

  19. Very, very nice. So sprightly! And I know they smell so good, too, a real autumn smell. Thanks for posting such a cheerful group of photos.


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