Today’s Flowers 07

The roses have elegance no matter are they just buds or about to change in to hips. And they are loved by bees and all kind of flies all the time. I took these shots today from our yard./ Ruusut ovat elegantteja niin nuppuina kuin nipin napin hengissäkin. Kukkakärpäsiä ja kaikenlaisia pörriäisiä piisaa aamusta iltaan kaunotarten ympärille häärimään. Kuvat tämänpäiväisiä, suoraan pihapuskista napattuja.

To see more wonderful flowershots from all over the world please click the icon. /Klikkaamalla kuvaketta pääset katsomaan kukkakuvia ympäri maailman.



  1. These are lovely roses. And I have one like this and it also gets rose hips on it Mine is a single and your rose appears to be a double. Your photography is excellent.

    I have mine up at Canon Pixels. I hope you can see it if you have the time.

  2. Ellen

    Boy they must be sweet! Look at all those bees enjoying them. I love the color…

  3. Beautiful roses and rose hips! Lovely pictures with the bees hovering.

  4. Hi, these are really beatiful roses. I love the pink colour. I took a similar photo in spring this year.
    Have a nice week!

  5. Hi, pink flowers that are very elegant and visitors to enjoy, congratulations for the post. I thank you for sharing.
    hugs, Denise

  6. dot

    Looks like the bees really like them. Nice shots!

  7. Very great shot! I love those bees!

    My flower for today is posted here. Please take a look if you have time. Have a great week ahead!

  8. Krisu: What a busy as a bee rose photos, nicely done.

  9. I love them all!! Great shots!

  10. I love roses and the little bees like them too..lovely pitures.
    With the disappearence of the Honey bees around the world, it is good to see your roses providing food for your bees.
    -Cheers from Canada.

  11. This is a nice series of photographs, from buds and open roses to the rose hips. Well done.

  12. Paz

    Lovely photos! I love how the bees are attracted to them.


  13. Your photos are lovely. This rose is such a gorgeous color!

  14. I had heard that roses and pomegranates were relatives. I think the proof is here.

    Well done!

  15. All lovely, but I think I like the rose hips the best. I have roses that last for a short time, and the rose hips last much longer. Nice to see them being admired in a photo.

  16. Yen

    Such lovely photos specially the firs two! But all of them are lovely 🙂 My first time to join with this Meme! I hope you can drop by! Mine is here. Happy TF!~

  17. I love roses and in Holland we make jam of rosehips. Good pictures!

  18. beautiful and nicely captured.

  19. Roses are grand and these have flourished. I guess rose hips are high in Vitamin C. One can make tea…

  20. Syksyn viimeiset hansaruusut. Hienot kuvat. Väsähtäneet ruusut, mutta kiulukat pulleita ja meheviä.

  21. Ruusuista tykkäävät muutkin kuin me ja marjat ovat melkein yhtä kauniita kuin kukkaset:) Kauniit kuvat, joissa näkyy myös aurinko!


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